Tables for JIRA


Tables for Jira provides a simple way to organize multiple data sets within one custom field in Jira. This app works like any other custom field and can be easily configured for your specific use case. Template-like functionality lets you create a table with initial rows and values, which can then be easily formatted and edited. Administrators can define mandatory fields and configure multiple column types. Users can search with standard filters or JQL. 

Feature Summary

  • Multiple columns types: text, numeric, checkbox, data and select
  • Mandatory fields/columns
  • Ability to sort data in columns (ascending/descending)
  • Search with standard filters/JQL
  • CSV import/export
  • Bulk export
  • Compatibility with Jira 8.0+
  • Rest API


Check out our latest Release HERE.

Why use Tables?


If your JIRA issues require repeated sets of information to be inputted, a table structure can collect and organize that information in a way that no other custom field can. Tables will allow your users to input and view the issue information in a very natural way.

Room for Growth

Whether it’s contacts, parts information, releases affected, or anything else, there are just some pieces of information that can have many instances. Tables give you a dynamic custom field that grows with your data. 


A text field would work just fine if you wanted to capture a lot of information without considering the content. But for JIRA tickets that need to have every piece of information defined and formatted, Tables can be configured to your exact specifications.

How does Tables work?

At is core, Tables works like any other custom field. Instead of a text area or dropdown selection, you will see a table outline. And because it is a custom field, it can be in some screens but not others, in certain projects, and configured exactly how you want it.  Tables will store the user provided data in the existing JIRA database tables – not in its own tables – which means that the native XML JIRA backup process will work perfectly with Tables.

Where can I request a feature or submit a bug?

Thanks for the feedback!!!  SUBMIT A JIRA ISSUE TO OUR SUPPORT QUEUE

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