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  • The Service Level Agreement - Your team is contractually obligated to respond to priority-critical issues within 48 hours. Run an RSE process every hour that will find critical issues that haven't been touched in 47 hours, and mark them as "Incredibly Important".
  • The Friendly Reminder - If a user is assigned to an issue and hasn't touched it in week, then it might be time for a gentle reminder. Have RSE check for this every day, and mark any issues it finds as "Needs Attention" (and send the assignee a polite-but-firm email).
  • The Spring Cleaner - Tell RSE to once a day look for any issues that haven't been touched in the last 6 months and close them out, since probably no one cares about them anymore. Much tidier!


Check out detailed notes for release 1.0.0 here. (They are still valid for the latest releases.)

Updated list of versions can be found in the marketplace here: